DTR Testimonials

What Doctors Are Saying About DTR Courses

I recently completed Dr. Sutter’s course, Occlusion, Friend or Foe, and it made everything I’ve already learned about occlusion and equilibration fully click. I have always been fascinated with occlusion and TMD and have taken a number of courses on the subject including most of the Dawson curriculum. Although I have felt comfortable explaining the benefits of occlusal adjustments to my patients, I have never felt comfortable actually performing it because I was always concerned about capturing CR, mounting models, and could never find the time to devote to the “behind the scenes” lab work it required.

The T-Scan eliminates that margin for error and after taking Dr. Sutter’s course I feel comfortable performing occlusal adjustments with the TSCAN. I was quickly able to implement it and train the staff on how to talk to patients about the process and the benefits. We have done a number of adjustments on patients and our results have been fantastic. The best part is that it is easy for a patient to understand the data and the results have been speaking for themselves. I highly recommend taking this course and getting familiar with a TSCAN if you have an interest in occlusion and have had a difficult time implementing equilibrations in your practice.

Chelsea Stangl, DMD

It isn’t often that you meet someone who truly has only helping others in mind. However, this has been my experience with both Dr. Robert Kerstein and Dr. Ben Sutter. Drs. Kerstein and Sutter have dedicated their lives to helping the dentists and future dentists of the world learn a technique, Disclusion Timing Reduction (DTR), which can dramatically change the lives of patients. Their commitment to the dentists they teach is remarkable—both doctors have made themselves available for phone calls and texts for answers to questions and clarification on how to incorporate this treatment into daily dental practice. I am grateful to these two for helping me accomplish my heart’s desire of helping my patients live a life without pain. Learning DTR has aided in nearly every aspect of my dental practice and I cannot recommend these doctors or this technique more highly.

Christina P. Mason, DDS

Dear Dr. Sutter,

I thought I would take a moment and let you know how the DTR course I took with you and Dr. Kerstein in January has affected my practice and my life. I would imagine that I am not the first to say what I have to say, but maybe I am the first to do so in writing?

I had been doing DTR using the T-Scan without realizing what I was doing since 2014 to treat the occasional migraine patients in the practice. I did not own the Bio Pak and I was not very efficient in the treatment, sometimes taking as many as a dozen appointments to achieve the result of migraine relief. At the course, I saw you and Dr. Kerstein demonstrate the proper use of the T-Scan combined with the synchronized Bio Pak EMG to treat two migraine patients. You achieved immediate results that the patients attested to while still in the chair! You had measurable proof of the improvement through the before-and-after EMG’s. I was hyped. I took out a loan and bought the Bio Pak and immediately started out with migraine patients and it is amazing how precise one can be and how easily one can determine the end point of treatment.

I have sent you a testimonial from one of my patients, a pastor, who was very gung-ho about providing the video. He had a friend who was a professional videographer and he enlisted him in the production. When you watch the video, you get a good grasp of this patient’s excitement about what I did for him. All I did was what you taught me.

I have since been treating TMD patients with success and I am utilizing the principles you taught at the course with every patient I see, even if it is a simple composite I have placed. I make sure with the T-Scan that I do not create any posterior friction. The hard part is to leave all the posterior friction that the patient already has untouched. I discuss it with them and those who choose to rectify it find that their occlusion is much more comfortable. I have heard from their spouses that they no longer hear them bruxing at night. All around, this amazing therapy is delighting the patients, their families and me, the dentist. Once again, thank you for all you have taught me and others. This has transformed my practice and my life!

Jeffrey N. Goldstein, DMD

I have been doing a lot of DTRs mostly on existing patients for whom we have done significant, but uncoordinated work over the years, and we needed to fine tune them. I have not been charging for this, as they have been long term patients, and, quite frankly, I wanted to develop the speed and expertise to do things in a set time frame.

Our daily schedule includes at least a couple of DTRs now, and we are getting very great improvement for our patients. My staff used to be upset because we were giving the services away to our patients, but it built up a list of testimonials, and believers, and now we are getting referrals. The staff no longer roll their collective eyes when I diagnose malocclusions.

And we are booking several full mouth cases. If I haven’t mentioned it before, Thank you! You and Robert have changed my practice, which I thought was doing pretty well before, and rejuvenated every aspect of the office. Thanks again Ben! Keep up the inspirational work—we owe you big time!

Russell Teasdale, DMD

What Patients Are Saying About DTR Treatment

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for saving my life. You are well aware of my condition when I came to you but I felt it necessary to express my gratitude in writing. I have spent the majority of my life suffering from a mystery pain. I have been through such agony that I was literally going crazy. I was locked in a depression that had sapped the happiness from my life. Medical doctors could not solve the problem. Other dentists could not solve the problem. I was lost in despair. I came to you as the result of a recommendation of my sister. I was reluctantly hopeful. After you diagnosed my TMJ disorder and started working on me I had some relief. I was a difficult patient. My pain made me act erratic and you were a saint about it. I continued my treatment and my episodes of pain have diminished almost completely. You have truly restored my life. Your genuine concern for me is the reason I am writing this letter. On behalf of myself and my family I extent my deepest gratitude to you and all of your staff. You have my utmost respect and admiration and I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone suffering the same pain as I was.

L.H., DTR Patient

I had been to at least 20 different dentists over the past 15 years. All of them just told me to stop being stressed. My stress level is what most people wish they had. Finally, one dentist gave me a mouthpiece. That didn't help either - it just protected my teeth but did nothing to relieve the constant jaw pain. It was amazing to have the tension in my jaw just literally disappear during my appointment with Dr. Sutter. I researched DTR across the country. It is a procedure that makes sense. And, Dr. Sutter is one of the leading dentists doing it. Everyone always says that "everything is connected". As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Sutter actually practices that. I traveled halfway across the country for this procedure. And, it has literally changed my life. Thank you to Dr. Sutter and his wonderful staff!

K.H., DTR Patient

I have been suffering from headaches for many years. I’ve been treated with injections, pain medications and muscle relaxers with not much improvement. I started DTR therapy with Dr. Sutter which has very much improved my headaches. I have been headache free now for about two months. I am very pleased with the outcome of my therapy.

S.M, DTR Patient